Gold Reef City

Located on a old Gold Mine 8 Km from the centre of JHB lies the Gold Reef City Amusement Park. The park is themed around the Gold Rush which occurred in JHB around the 1880’s.

Hector Pieterson Museum

Situated just two blocks from where the famous picture of Hector Pieterson was taken, the Hector Pieterson Museum provides a stark look into the brutality of the Student Uprisings. The museum takes visitors on journey from the beginnings of the tensions between students and the Apartheid government, to the day of 16 June, 1976 where 566 people were killed. Hector’s sister, Antoinette Sithle, gives visitors a guided tour of the museum and insight into what was happening in the township during the time of the student uprisings.

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

Spanning over 300 hectares, the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens are a combination of landscaped and natural veld. Located in Roodepoort in Gauteng, the botanical gardens contain 600 naturally occurring plant species, 220 bird species and a wide variety of small reptiles and mammals, including jackals and antelope. The gardens were only officially founded in 1982 as a botanical garden; however, there is evidence that the area was popular for picnics and hikes as far back as the early 1800’s.

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